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Activities of the state in the centralisation of state real estate management

The objective of the audit is to assess whether the activities of RKAS as the provider of real estate services to the state have helped achieve higher efficiency in organising the maintenance of the state’s assets (incl. whether investments and renovation work have been implemented to the required extent and at the right time) and whether and in what respect it is possible to speak about increased economy in organising the maintenance of real estate.

Answers to the following questions, among others, will be sought in the audit:
1. Has the management of the state’s real estate become more cost-effective?
2. Has the state obtained a central and adequate overview of the real estate belonging to the state and its condition?
3. Have the assets not required by the state been prudently managed?

According to the state’s real estate strategy approved in 2007, the state’s real estate became centrally managed by the commercial undertaking established for this purpose (RKAS). Almost all of the state’s real estate was transferred to RKAS and public authorities now rent the premises they need for their operations from RKAS. The purpose of the centralisation of the management of the state’s real estate was to improve management and thereby preserve the state’s assets better, and to manage the use of the assets more efficiently.

Area of government Ministry of Finance
Institution to be audited Ministry of Finance
Auditees Ministry of Finance, AS Riigi Kinnisvara
Audit Department Performance Audit Department, Financial Audit Department
Directors of Audit Tarmo Olgo, Krista Zibo
Audit Team Triin Jõeleht, Aivar Luik, Ermo Liedemann
Contacts Urmet Lee
+372 640 0751
Audit Number


Planned Start II Quarter 2014 Actual Start II Quarter 2014
Planned End II Quarter 2016 Actual End IV Quarter 2016
Status Published
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Created on 12/18/2013
Last modified on 4/4/2017
Last reviewed on 4/4/2017