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The National Audit Office is interested in your opinion of the problems that have become the biggest hurdles to people acting in the different areas of the state’s life. We would also like to know what people expect from the National Audit Office. It will help the National Audit Office to be as useful to society as possible and give us valuable material for planning our audits.
Attention will be paid to all thoughts we will receive, and they will be referred to directors of audit, who will use them in planning the activities of the National Audit Office.
You do not have to answer all the questions in the questionnaire below, but you should be as specific in your thoughts as possible and add specific examples for clarification purposes.
The National Audit Office respects the privacy of the people who visit its website and the thoughts and personal data you share with us will not be made public. They will only be used internally by the National Audit Office and handled with discretion. If the information given by you contains elements of a crime or misdemeanour, the National Audit Office will refer the information to the competent authorities such as the police, the Security Police, etc.


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Enclosing your contact details is not mandatory, but the National Audit Office would appreciate it if you agreed to add them in case we need to clarify something or request additional information. Your contact details will not be disclosed in the public registers of the National Audit Office and will only reach the officials working with the information given by you.

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