Procurements and contracts of the National Audit Office

Rait Sannik | 11/4/2009 | 3:32 PM

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The National Audit Office enters into various contracts and agreements relating to its primary and ancillary activities.

In the course of audits the National Audit office enters into contracts with specialists (experts) of the field for the purpose of obtaining special knowledge of the area. A proposal for involvement of an expert is made by the audit team carrying out the audit and they also hold negotiations for finding a suitable expert and determining their duties.

Upon entry into written contracts and agreements with experts the National Audit Office uses pre-defined contract forms which can be adjusted to specific needs and agreements reached in negotiations.

Like any other authority the National Audit Office needs to acquire IT tools, office supplies, office furniture and various services for pursuing its activities. Being a public authority, the National Audit Office is a contracting authority subject to the obligations arising from the Public Procurement Act.

The National Audit Office follows the general principles of organising public procurements in the case of procurements whose value is less than the public procurement threshold. The National Audit Office notifies companies of the organisation of simplified procurements whose value exceeds 10,000 euros in the case of items or services and 30,000 euros in the case of construction work via the State Public Procurement Register. Notices of procurements exceeding the threshold of the public procurement procedure, reports and any annexes thereto are published in the State Public Procurement Register (

The National Audit Office always enters into contracts whose value exceeds 10,000 euros in writing. The persons who have the right to sign written contracts on behalf of the National Audit Office are the Auditor General and, in the case of contracts whose value does not exceed 10,000 euros, the Cost Managers authorised by the Audit General. The Cost Manager is responsible for the preparation of the public procurements of the National Audit Office and the Legal Adviser guarantees that the organisation of the public procurement is lawful. The Legal Advisor is also the Chairman of the Public Procurement Committee of the National Audit Office.

Based on environmental considerations the National Audit Office prefers electronic means and tools to paper documents when organising public procurements and entering into contracts. Therefore we offer our partners the opportunity to enter into digital contracts with the National Audit Office.


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