International co-operation

Tuuli Rasso | Karin Kuller | 4/10/2014 | 10:00 AM

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In its work the National Audit Office adheres to the legislation of the European Union and Estonia as well as international audit, accounting and reporting standards and best practice. In organising its work the principles and ideas tested in other states are used as an example and adjusted to the Estonian conditions.

The National Audit Office effectively cooperates with its colleagues in INTOSAI and EUROSAI and on the basis of bilateral and multilateral agreements. Multilateral cooperation with the supreme audit institutions of the Member States of the European Union and the European Court of Auditors in the framework of the Contact Committee of their heads has been very important.

The National Audit Office has long-term bilateral cooperation relationships with the audit institutions of the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, the US and many other countries and with the European Court of Auditors. The main cooperation forms include training, exchange of officials’ experience and consultation.


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