Audit plan

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Activities of Tax and Customs Board in collection of corporate income tax

The purpose of the audit is to assess whether the Tax and Customs Board has beef efficient in the collection of corporate income tax and done everything it can to ensure that the amount of corporate income tax that remains uncollected is as small as possible.

Area of government Ministry of Finance
Institution to be audited
Audit Department Performance Audit Department
Director of Audit Tarmo Olgo
Audit Team Ermo Liedemann, Triin Jõeleht, Lauri Matsulevitš
Audit Number 70126


Planned Start 2nd half of 2017 Actual Start
Planned End 2nd half of 2018 Actual End
Status Not started
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Created on 1/10/2017
Last modified on 5/5/2017
Last reviewed on 5/5/2017